LLN Tools:Audacity integration

Please consider an integration with Audacity. It would be nice to get a smooth way of visual comparing own voice with the samples from TV streaming, microphone and own audiofiles.

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Hi @oefu , do you mean computer-assisted pronunciation training functionality? This is a reasonably complex thing to do well. Here is a recent survey with discussion, if you don’t mind reading academic articles Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training (CAPT): Current Issues and Future Directions - Pamela M Rogerson-Revell, 2021 (sagepub.com)

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@ AntonOfTheWoods.Thank you so much for sharing an interesting article. It’s fun to read something other than just statements about what is the only correct course of action from instructors. I accept that pronunciation does not have to be like a template to be understandable and good enough. But in any case, I think it’s good to be able to see which pitch I use myself. I have come across a Windows app that I think looks even better for pronunciation training than Audacity. It can not be used for streaming, but is still interesting. Do you know it?


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I just came across this chrome extension.
It has not “LLN look and feel”. The paid version has Pinyin support, but lacks the ability to Pinyin without original subtitles, just “show only transliteration”.

But unlike LLN, it has support for uploading your own subtitles.

Hi! I have used WorkAudioBook a lot in the past. Back in 2017, I used it with recorded magazine articles for ear training and handwriting practice before HSK 5.

Recently, I used it to practice pronunciation, intonation, etc, before every lesson with a teacher. It’s very good for that! Of course, after being content with my own pronunciation, my teacher still found some mistakes in tones and in consonants. BTW, my teacher is from north China, is a professional teacher, lives in Ecuador and has fiber internet. If interested in her look for “Eco” on italki.

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@Ernalzar Thank you for telling me. It is very motivating. So far my level is too low, but maybe next year I will look for at teacher as well.

@oefu , I haven’t used it but audiobooks is definitely a feature being thought about. Actually none of these ideas are new, and proof-of-concepts have been being made by language technology researchers for decades. LLN/LanguageReactor is currently working on a whole lot of new technologies, though pure audio (so audio books, karaoke, etc.) is not currently planned for the near future. Stay tuned!

@AntonOfTheWoods. I understand very well that LLN prioritizes its core functions. But it would have been very nice to be continuously updated on what functions are planned and what status and priority they have. Here is an example of how this can be done.

In particular, I wonder if copying original audio in addition to TTS will be any of, if repeat A-B playback and Pinyin in Reader has any priority.

Thank you very much for the answers!

So like the pinned post at the top of the list of forum topics? Feature TODO List and roadmap (continuously updated) - In English - Language Learning with Netflix Forum

I’ll admit the Pleco thing does look good and the list may need a bit of work. I’ll try and have a look in the next couple of days.

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@ AntonOfTheWoods. Many thanks for the quick and positive response. It’s motivating. I mistakenly thought that the list was last updated in February 2020. I look forward to an even more clear status list. It will be nice if it appears when the items in the list were last updated when it is not too demanding.