Post your rants about Language Reactor update here :)

LR is working on Netflix again! I have run into a problem though, somehow when I try to turn off “display subtitles below video”, it shows up as turned off but doesn’t actually turn off.

The “Show subtitles below video” setting doesn’t work for me. No matter the setting, the subtitles are below video…

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Same here, the subtitles are below the video… please fix it, otherwise it is a GREAT extention :slight_smile:


Yes me too!!! Super annoying

Yes I really hate that I can’t watch it in full screen rn… *cries cuz I sepnt legit 20 mins to fix it -__-"" put a damn close button and include the double subtitle back in the full screen SMH

I’ve noticed if, say you have it on auto pause, and it hangs out there long enough for the description of the show to appear, that description won’t go away when you hit space and start playing the video again. You have to roll your mouse back across the screen.

I also like to watch in full screen with the subtitles overlaid on the video… Is there any way to install an old version until the full screen bug is fixed?

Okay so now the full screen problem seems to have been fixed but now it just straight up doesn’t work haha, no subtitles appearing when I close the box underneath.

Did the update have to happen just as the new Money Heist season got released?! :joy:

Hi, would like to ask how can I disable the other subtitle as there are two Japanese subtitle showing in the screen. Thanks for the help!

I started using LR on YouTube yesterday, but suddenly it’s gone and I can’t seem to turn it back on. Any suggestions?

Yes, exactly the same for me. It was wreaking havoc last night with YouTube but then I spent time massaging it, deleted cookies and cached data and it improved significantly, and was working brilliantly for me across a range of sites…and now, today…it’s gone again! Glad I’m not alone, at least.

And already back, so maybe just temporary amidst further updating?

I am trying text mode. If in your database the word not found it’s also not appearing for the search in other databases or copy. Specially some slang and also human surnames.

Is there a way to hard disable LR on Youtube only? It’s making my Youtube oddly laggy and unplayable even if it says that it’s “off” on the player…
I really like the extension on Netflix and it works great but I cant figure out how to selectively disable it after the recent update. At this rate, I’d be forced to just leave it off entirely or end up uninstalling since it’s making half my browsing borderline impossible.

LR is not working on YouTube suddenly… The subtitles aren’t loaded for a long time!
What should I do?

Same issue. Not working. Used to, not anymore on any videos.

It doesn’t work on my Netflix anymore… please fix the problem I really love multi subtitles function​:sob::sob:

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Hello! Slightly late to the party maybe as I’ve only just discovered LR!

Very much enjoying using it on Netflix other than one tiny issue: the video resolution seems to drop when the Chrome extension is enabled. Is that deliberate/common?