Post your rants about Language Reactor update here :)

I had this issue too - fixed it by just checking the option to override the arrow keys

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Hey, did you try to press the A button?

Hi, my second subtitle not showing on netflix while im using google chrome since last night, is there an error on extension?

Hey, what is the target language that you’re trying to see?

I’m getting this error too with Korean as my target language. Error states it cannot fetch linguistic data.

Language Reactor has detected an error has occured. The developers have been notified. Try reloading the page, or else try again in 24hrs. Sorry for the inconvenience. Check our Facebook page for updates. Error message: Failed to retreive linguistic data. Lang: ko, source: NETFLIX tt_key: NF.1.81262746.ko.ko.IAusLb4ACek4PbqBxjDiigZ6Jw8=

yes, it’s working now, thanks

When watching K dramas, I always have double subtitles on, English and Chinese (simplified). But since yesterday when I try to watch, it doesn’t work. It says that the selected Netflix subtitles (English) doesn’t match the audio and it asks me to fix it. I’ve always watched it like that and never had any problems before.

I subscribed after text function so look up all words are important for me. Some words don’t show up for meaning search. Also on text I need to be able to save…

Also if prime video support comes I’ll more than happy.

Please can you make it possible to hide: “THE FIRST SUBTITLE HAS NOT STARTED YET”… so annoying? Otherwise, fantastic app!

Hey, the first subtitles keep loading forever. This happened about five days ago, I waited for half an hour and dint’t work so i gave up (my internet was fine). I tried again now and the same, (it’s weird because it always loads almost in no time, and whichever subtitles i choose in the translation track works immideatly, but the first track never loads (of any video on youtube or netflix, anywhere). It hasn’t being loading for about a week and doesn’t look like it’s ever going to load again. Is there anything i can do?