Previous version of LLN?

I really dislike the changes made in this update. Before it had something like an rtk with one definition at the bottom of the window when you clicked the word (don’t remember exactly). but now it only has repititions of the same definition when you click it, and usage examples. Because thats what im going to do when watching, im going to stop and look at usage examples >.>. I tried to stop my other computer from downloading this update but it automatically downloaded the latest version :(. So is there a way to get the previous version somehow?

Hi. We are talking about the dictionary? What is rtk? No, not really any way to downgrade now, we shut down some APIs and stuff. Dictionary looks different depending on the language pair. Can you give us a screenshot, and mark it up with the changes you would like to see? We can maybe accomodate them. Actually, we are planning to expand on the usage examples stuff at some point with little video clips even.

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