Skipping not working correctly on Edge

I’ve been using the new Edge browser on Windows for Netflix, since that’s the only way to get 1080p (or really, just anything better than 720p) on Windows and still be able to use this extension. However, it seems like skipping to the next/previous subtitle is broken in a weird way on Edge; when I press right arrow/‘D’/click on the next subtitle button on the UI, it just plays the same subtitle again. When I try previous subtitle, it skips back two subtitles, and when I hit repeat subtitle, it sometimes repeats, sometimes skips back a subtitle. The jumping to a subtitle by clicking on it in the subtitle sidebar on the right functionality also seems to be broken; very often, it’ll jump to the subtitle two subtitles before the one I clicked on, instead of the one I clicked. I was wondering if anybody else as running into this on Edge?

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Hi. We don’t support Edge at the moment, but I’m aware of the problem you are talking about, and I know the cause. You should see a fix in a couple or so. :slight_smile:

Just pushed out a fix for the seeking problem, will roll out in the next few hours. We’re not really testing on Edge otherwise yet, but we will soon. :slight_smile:

Is this still version 4.0.0? I see that it says last update May 8th, 2020 on the Chrome Web Store. Should I be using the Beta instead?

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It is the same version, fixes are rolled independently.