Thai Language Channels with Subtitles

I have found it hard to find Thai YouTube content with good subtitles, so I thought I’d share what I have found in the hope that others will add to it.

Thai PBS
Ted-Ed Thai
Wisdom | ปัญญายุทธ์

Aesop’s Fables - ตำนานดาวลูกไก่

I was having the same problem as you finding videos with Thai subtitles. Then I read a post on this forum about some additional search buttons that the “Reactor” plugin adds on the youtube search bar. These buttons allow you to search for videos on a given topic that have captions in the language that you are interested in. It turns out there are quite a bit out there.

You can check out this thread which explains how to use the search feature: Youtube Extension - Now Online!

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Update: This channel as some really interesting mini documentaries on various topics from around the world.

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