Update! Learning Stages, Flashcards, All Words Panel, PhrasePump, API..

Noted. Are you using the Language Reactor site with the extension installed? Autopause is problematic for TurtleTV in that case, but it’s hard to fix. Ah, like, a pause for 2s then continue? We considered it a couple of times, also requested was to pause at the beginning of subs. Also infinite loop feature. The difficulty is in making a UI that isn’t overwhelming, and that playback control code is pretty scary, I prefer not to touch it when it’s working. :grin: I’ll keep it in mind when I get time to look at that code again.


Hmm, didn’t remove anything on purpose… Netflix made a change ago a while ago that meant our hack to ‘show all possible subtitles’ (often 20+ langauges) stopped working, but as far as I know it’s working again now. Who knows… maybe they got complaints and took notice. If Chinese subs were available but pinyin wasn’t working, that sounds like a problem on our end. Can you post some links to Netflix movies you had problems with? We’ll check them. Also, make sure your using our extension (installed from the link on languagereactor.com), not a copy cat one. :grin:

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Korean, it’s a little tricky, we didn’t have time to look at the issue in detail.
Infinite repeat, we had in for a while on the ‘s’ key, they changed the functionaity. I’ll keep it in mind.
Entire caption colour… there’s probably less of a need with the new automatic colouring system, I haven’t considered it actually.
Yeah, I can add an extra mode for the blurring (translation first, then source).

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Did they drop all the Russian-language content immeadiatly? I wasn’t paying attention. The first channel in this list has a ton of soviet-era cinema: Language Reactor

For this word, the dictionary should show like this, if you have your translation language set to English:

The settings (translation language) are not shared between dev.languagereactor.com and languagereactor.com, I don’t think. Can you send a link to the video you are watching? Sometimes the word is not identifed correctly by our NLP code. We can notes to words.
We’re going to improve TurtleTube videos soon, I’ve been working on it for a while actually.

Click on OHA, yes, needs fixing.

No cloze… did you try PhrasePump feature? I think it’s what you want.

We use nice TTS (imo) for the dictionary and example sentences, for ‘text mode’ we fall back to browser TTS which is… not nice in Chrome, much better in MS Edge browser. We experimented with making our own voices, actually recorded a dataset last year for English to release that was better than LJSpeech. We’ll try make improvements.

Pause behaviour needs some attention, you are correct.

RE: ‘streamlined exports that could tie new words to the source’, how are you exporting words? With HTML export, or to Anki?

We have about 8-12 days of work left, I’d say. I might try sneak in a little vacation for a few days first though.

Kirian’s response is correct, I’ll just add, the new features are based are based around a list of words, ordered by frequency, which you can see in the UI. We made the lists by sampling from hundreds of thousands of Youtube and movie subtiles, text from a web crawler, and the sentences from tatoeba. It’s biased towards spoken language, rather than books and news etc.

If you don’t have stuff queued to learn, flashcards will suggest words for you, starting at the most frequent word you don’t know, and work it’s way up.


This is a good link… I’ll see if I can fix this now.
EDIT: Ben Winding’s answer has a potential issue with HTTPS certifcates… hmm. Tricky. I’m thinking to change the auth library in any case soon.

Thanks Dave for your response and explanations. I expiremented with this on the demo server and it seems to work very well. I’m looking forward to these features being integrated in the Netflix and Youtube extensions. Do you have a planned release date for that?

Thanks for your reponse. I expiremented with this on the demo server and it seems to work very well. I’m looking forward to these features being integrated in the Netflix and Youtube extensions.

Dear David Wilkinson and the team,
First of all, thank you you guys for the amazing work. This extension is by far the best tool I have ever used to learn language on youtube and I have been using its premium features for 3 months

I am learning Japanese, and I hope that 2 things can be improved in Youtube:

  1. Vocabulary graded by level: Is there any thing we can make this tab optional (i.e. disable it so that there are only 2 columns: Subtitle and Saved vocabulary?) Since I am already studying at an advanced level, in a video with a lot of words, it takes very long to load the video and cause some lagging while I never bother to look into the Vocabulary graded by level column because I learn by reading example, not reading individual vocabulary
  2. Subtitle in-video: Since in Japanese videos there are a lot of burnt-in subtitles which are big; so when we turn on LLWN this subtitle is obscured by the burnt-in subtitles, making it very hard to see and cause eyestrain. Is there any ways to make the LLWN subtitle smaller or change the position of LLWN subtitle in the video? I think it would be really appreciated by the Japanese/Chinese learner community!

Thank you, have a great week. Look forward to hearing you guys soon!

Language Reacter is helping me a lot in studying foreign languages. Looks like you made a successful update, congratulations !!!. and I’m eagerly awaiting release iOS and Android based program to be released. :slightly_smiling_face:

Guys, I’ve seen you put a beta feature to upload Videos + Subtitles from your device
(which is great, just please please allow uploading two subtitle files though [target language + human translated, and not just target language])

  • I was wondering if you could implement another feature to upload captioned pictures/memes and have them automatically OCR’d so we could learn from them…
    I don’t think I have to explain the power of learning languages from that kind of media ^^’

  • Can we please have a thing linked with each recorded word or sentence that is editable and contain text (so we could put notes, associations, mnemonics to remember that better, etc) for each of those recorded items? It would be really useful.
    (otherwise, I have to make a spreadsheet for that listing those words again to put those notes in, it’s clearly double-work and not ideal x’3)

PS: PhraseDump is a great idea!
I have thought about a soft that would englobe video player, dictionaries, srs, and different features in the same unit for years as I was “house pooling” in India with my beautiful nerd friends, but nowhere had I the necessary tech skills to pull it off, (and pay to have that developed costs an arm and a leg, I know, I tried x’'D), so it felled like Christmas to see you guys pulled it out! It doesn’t have all the features I thought about, but it definitely does have some neat I didn’t think about :stuck_out_tongue:
The soft tells me I still have 3 days of free trials, then I’ll wholeheartedly pay your glorious arses for your services, you guys rocks! All the best to you! :*

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When will be the expected release of this absolutely awesome feature-packed of an update? My language learning journey wouldn’t have been possible without the quality extension you’ve made.

I really would like this type of flashcard you are describing

About the custom definition, I think that this would also be really useful when the standard dictionary provides a definition which does not match the context of the sentence.
For example, in a Thai context the dictionary is proposing the definition “dribble” for the compound word “เลี้ยงลูก”. After checking online, this is a very low frequency definition. The most usual definition (99% of cases) is “raise children”, but this definition is missing from the dictionary.

Please give us a heads up when this feature becomes available. I would love to try it out.


It’s not quite the same thing. Phrase Dump is for phrases. I’d like flashcards for individual words.

The front of the card: Russian word and audio
Blurred part of the card: English translation and under that a sentence as an example.

eta on update? I am pretty excited to try it

Oh, I see. I make my own “word” flashcards by exporting to Anki. It has been working well for me so far.