word definition quality

Sometimes I’m kind of dissappointed with the quality of the word definitions that come up for target language Japanese, host language English. For example:

イケメン (ikemen) → twink

Where are you getting this definition?

The EDict dictionary file I use in my own software has “(n) (uk) good-looking guy/handsome man/hunk/Adonis/cool guy/”

Google Translate has “handsome”.

It’s nice that you can recognize some conjugations/inflections and context, but when the word is in dictionary form, I think you can do a lot better. I think just using Google translate would be better than the current mechanism.

I consume a lot of Japanese language content via the combination of Netflix and Language Reactor, and I share your concern about the quality of the built-in hover dictionary. They have just returned the ability to turn it off.

For better quality Japanese->English hover dictionary I have happily used Yomichan extension, and now 10ten Japanese reader extension, in addition to the Language Reactor extension.

But agreed, it would be nice if LR could directly make use of EDICT, KANJIDIC, etc.

On the hand LR is not specifically just for learning Japanese :sweat_smile: