Feature TODO List and roadmap (continuously updated)

Here’s a list of features you suggested that we are planning to implement, we’ll check them off as we go…


  • Improved Anki export (https://forum.languagelearningwithnetflix.com/t/improved-anki-support/) (fixed in v3.2.5)
  • Increase blur level for translations (fixed in v3.2.5)
  • Getting Youtube extension usable (Youtube Extension - Now Online! - #9 by Green_Tea) (March 5th, v1.0.0 submitted to Webstore.)
  • Check boxes for show/hide side panel and bottom panel in the main settings. (It would be much more helpful if there's - #2 by quarridors) (LLN v4.0.0, LLY V1.0.0)
  • Small feature request: Provide fallbacks for vanilla video keyboard shortcuts (LLN v4.0.0, LLY V1.0.0)
  • Completely reworked dictionary… small hover dictionary and tidier and more concise main dictionary. (LLN v4.0.0, LLY V1.0.0)
  • Reworked payment code so that if you cancel Pro mode, you can still use Pro features for the rest of the month that you paid for.
  • Fast code update capability for both LLN and LLY to quickly fix issues. (LLY v1.0.0 and LLN v4.0.0)
  • Hide original subs (Dimming/hiding the subs and Can you add keyboard shortcuts for showing/hiding original / english subtitles?)
  • Only force original language Netflix subs and audio on first view of movie/series (Swapping Languages Around - #3 by Sekkiy). Well, interim/trial solution is this: Force Original Tracks (now a setting)
  • Pinyin support (Pinyin support for Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles?)
  • Expand 40k word limit
  • Thai fonts (Can you change fonts?)
  • Bring back word frequency.
  • Dragable subtitles (or other solution) so subs aren’t in the way.
  • Fix Filipino (Magtanim ay Di Biro (2020) | Filipino Folk Song | robie317 - YouTube)
  • Various minor word saving / punctuation glitches.
  • Hide playback bar unless hovered over.
  • Add pinyin to hover dict (if not already displayed), and full dict.
  • Improved tokenisation for Chinese and Thai.
  • Korean and Thai transliteration.
  • Fix pinyin in saved items.
  • Handle pinyin in side panel better.
  • Improve YT extension reliabilty.
  • Set language track on YT based on title tag. (#es)
  • Fixed: Seeking between subtitles doesn’t work well on Netflix on some machines.
  • Performance Improvements.
  • Youtube Catalogue for more languages (https://www.wordlab.app/catalogue/youtube/spanish.html)
  • Find a new domain that isn’t terrible, make new homepage. (https://wordlab.app)
  • Improve dictionary hover interaction with pause-on-hover behaviour.
  • Streamline video watching mode for awful people not spending all their time studying languages. (Please hide the shortcut icon when watching the movie - #2 by David_Wilkinson)
  • Hold repeat key for infinite looping of subtitle.
  • Converted all code (FE/BE) to Typescript to catch bugs and ease refactoring.
  • Show pauses in speach visually in Youtube autocaptions.
  • Cache YT NLP on FE.
  • Issue on small num of YT videos (translation merging len mismatch)
  • Pick subtitle track in settings.
  • Support for ‘human’ translations for Youtube.
  • Rare/particular/infrequent words for each movie/eipisode summary. (Words panel)
  • Save screenshot with saved items.
  • Side panel shows video preview on hover.
  • Increase hover ‘hot’ area for pause-on-hover.
  • Major Netflix bugfix: stuck on ‘Loading…’ and ‘First Sub Not Started’.
  • Fixed the seeking (back/forward key) issue. Again. (Netflix: don’t fiddle needlessly with parameter names. Get a girlfriend. If you need help, you can email me. :).
  • Nicer TTS voices, faster TTS loading.
  • Click main sub background area to repeat.
  • Export thumbnail images for flashcards.
  • Export modal with options (12hrs).
  • Audio for dictionary examples.
  • Recursive dictionary.
  • Show thumbnail images for saved items (saved items tab).
  • Vertical subtitle view sync button.
  • Print mode needs attention.
  • Transliterations (pinyin etc.) should go to dictionary, examples etc.
  • Change key behaviour to pause at beginning of sub on next/prev keydown, and resuming playback on keyup. Can read the translation before hearing the audio.
  • Anki user guide.
  • Pinyin to Anki / CSV Saved items output.
  • Anki cloze card export.
  • Export audio clips for flashcards (TTS for now).
  • Export words saved without context (to Anki cards).
  • HTML classes for custom styling of Anki cards.
  • Various UI fixes.
  • Saving item while Netflix is sleeping doesn’t work.
  • Multipart download for large exports.
  • Try out Mithril and MobX for extension.
  • Old FE code still running somewhere (?).
  • Extension ‘Homepage’.
  • Project facepump.
  • Website reader mode.
  • Merge extensions [Language Reactor]

Staged to go live

  • Movie audio clips to flashcards
  • Firefox support.
  • MS Edge support (4k Netflix).

Currently Being Worked on

Top Priority

  • Delete on export (or, set word to ‘known’ on export). Added to TODO list.
  • good TTS for reader mode.

Coming Soon


Known bugs/issues


[still compiling list…]


This thing would be great! Or video clips are even better!


This is the only thing holding me back from recommending this awesome extension to all of my friends, I can’t wait!


Really hoping this comes soon!

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Changing default shortcuts would be great

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Hi there.

I am wondering about Microsoft Edge browser support. Fact is Netflix provides 1080p resolution only to Edge bowser.
Are you considering this matter for your futher plans?

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I would love to being able to import subtitles when using the extension.
E.g. when watching Japanese shows, they most of the time don’t offer english subtitles (even though the show has english subtitles in other countries’ Netflix)
In this case it would be great to import your own subtitles (or even better get the “human subtitles” from other countries netflix directly)
Because when learning the language the machine translation is better than nothing, but still far from being useful, especially with Japanese.


Can you add an option to control the font sizes of each language individually?
I’m trying to learn Chinese, and I’d like to reduce the size of the English subtitles so they don’t become too distracting (but I still want them there).


An option to automatically pause before the subtitle is read instead of after would be amazing.


I would love transliteration to be available for all your non-latin script languages. I would like to practice my Hindi/Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Greek and maybe slowly learn to read all other Indic scripts all of that as well. Are you ever going to have support for Amazon Prime Video or for my DVDs and have more languages that are not available yet, like Uzbek, Armenian or Georgian?

My problem is this: I promised myself to always learn languages when I watch my tv shows, but most of my favorites are not available on Netflix, some languages I would like to practice are not available at all or at least have no transliteration yet. Some tv shows are so old I only have them on dvd and with only English (so according to my rules I cannot watch them without other subtitles) or are only available on Amazon (Germany) and again only German or English subtitles, if any are available.

Ideally I would be able to watch anything with any language subtitle I want, no matter if it is only available in Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, another streaming website or on my dvds.

I am hopelessly incapable of adjusting free subtitles on the net to sync with my dvds or with that substial app for Amazon Prime.

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First, I just wanna say this is my favorite chrome extension ever. This has been a godsend for not only me, but I also recommend it everyone who is studying a language.

A few things that would make this even better:

  • Being able to search for words in the episode. For example, someone studying English might be looking for examples of “should”
  • For saved items, it would be nice if it told me the name of the show / episode. Sometimes I don’t know what episode it’s from.
  • For saved items, it would be nice if I clicked it and it took me to the right episode. Currently it only plays if it’s on the current episode.
  • For saved items, an export to just a text file would be nice too. Original language on top, translation below, new line, repeat
  • For saved items, it would be nice if it was sorted by show / episode as well. If by show, it’ll list all the lines you’ve saved from ep 1, ep 2, ep 3 and so on.

Thanks again for your hard work. Looking forward to more

Thanks for the feedback. 1 already exists - if you click on the word, full dictionary will open, with word examples from that episode. For other points - will try to make them happen. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the extension - most useful I`ve ever seen.

Please add articles for people learning German(die, der, das).


With video reference link so you can click back to it

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This extension is awesome. And the consideration, Repeatable A to B selection of several lines, is most wanted!! That would be amazing!


Hi, how do I go about doing that. Looks like an amazing feature

Ah, so we are saving the screenshots already, just not doing anything with the image yet. :slight_smile:

Auto skip to next sentence over scenes that have no dialogue would be great for repeat watching practice.

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I want to be able to change the location of the subtitles.
Simply put, I want to be able to put the subtitles in the center of the screen.
Otherwise, my eyes get very tired and I can’t watch for a long time.